Wednesday, September 23, 2015

God Speed you Black Emperor!

Casey and I went to Dallas last week and watched God Speed you Black Emperor! for the 3rd time.  Such a great fucking band.  Also while we were there we visited 2 awesome comic book shops and bought tons of more comics from #Zeus Comics and Collectibles and #Titan Comics.  Now I have an even bigger stack of comics to catch up on, ha, oh well it is good to have several issues of one title you can read, that way I can go from say #RUNLOVEKILL one night and Invisible Republic the next night :)

Also, David has started the tight pencils for issue 4! And Eve is almost done with the colors on issue 3. Exciting times.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

New Comic Book Day is coming!

Tomorrow is new comic book day and I still have a stack of comics from the previous month to tackle! IMAGE and Boom! Have some pretty good titles out that Casey and I have been reading.

IMAGE: RUNLOVEKILL, Descender, Invisible Republic, Autumn Lands, ...and more

BOOM!: The Spire, Arcadia