Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Nana - A Japanese Anime

So, I've been watching a new anime series called "Nana."  It is about two girls named Nana who have walked two totally different paths in life.  One is a popular, preppy type of girl who always has a different boyfriend, but yearns to find a boy she can love.

The second Nana is a rocker chick who plays some guitar and sings in a band.  She fell madly in love with the bass player in her band who ended up leaving her to join another band in Tokyo.

A year passes by and the the two Nana's move to Tokyo for separate reasons.  It is here that they meet on the train to Tokyo.  The two hit it off well, and then go their separate ways after the train arrives in Tokyo.  As they both separately look for an apartment, they wind up at the same apartment building and end becoming roommates.

It is very interesting to see how the two Nana's relationship builds over the course of the series. There are many heartbreaking moments, many moments of joy, and overall the trust and friendship the two have together is very touching.  Some might say this is josei anime, but really it is for anyone who has that desire to move off to the big city and make things happen for them.  I am very much enjoying this series and have a ways to go with it.  I'd recommend it to anyone.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Kickstater for T.I.T.S. Issue #1 is live!!! check out the link folks

Hey all Transmigrants,

Issue #1 is now available, only through Kickstarter! So head over there and look at the massive amount of content and video that we have up for issue 1.

We have several different tier levels for rewards.  So whether you want just a digital download, physical copy, both, or posters and stickers with a comic, we got it all! Even custom sketches by T.I.T.S. artist David Gunawan are up for grabs.

Click on the link! - :     https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1661691692/tits-transmigrant-interdimensional-taxicab-service