Blotter is a carefree, fun-loving, and oft-times delirious cosmic taxicab driver with a hapless tendency to incite chaos wherever he goes. He can almost always be found behind the wheel with an open container (as his standard mode of operation is somewhere between heavily buzzed and full on intoxicated stupor).  As one might suspect, this tendency toward impairment has quite a dramatic effect on his job performance. Blotter, along with his navigator Skitz Skatz, have the worst record for failed Transmigrations within the ranks of cab teams at the T.I.T.S. Corporation.  Not only is he the worst cabbie at T.I.T.S., but perhaps the worst cabby in all the cosmos as well!


Skitz Skatz is an arrogant, moody, selfish cosmic kitty cat.  He is frequently grumpy, whiny, or agitated (generally as a result of Blotter's erratic behavior).  Although a skilled cosmic navigator with a doctorate in Spacefold Symmetry, Skitz Skatz happens to be a low level employee of T.I.T.S. (not the most prestigious company to work for to begin with).  As a shady ex-con out on parole however, his employment opportunities are limited and he has been forced to make do as he attempts to keep his nose clean and stay out of prison.


Starla is a smart, tough, and witty gal with an insatiable sense of wanderlust.  Despite her tough exterior however, she is somewhat prone to bouts of self-pity, uncertainty, and despair.  She is a detective with the Seattle Police Department here on Earth with a high media profile do to her involvement in a few controversial cases during her career.  She is fairly discontent with her job however as she is often harassed and marginalized by her pig-headed coworkers.  When not cracking skulls in the name of law and order, she can be found spending quality time with her boyfriend Sven and her girlfriend Destiny.

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