Sunday, August 23, 2015

Transmigrant Productions Blog has been created!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the Transmigrant Productions Blog!

Transmigrant Productions is a LLC formed by myself (Colton Sorrels) and my brother Casey.  Here we will post updates and news for projects created under the Transmigrant Productions LLC!  Updates will be slow at first as I'm still figuring all this out and designing the layout of the page, so don't be surprised if it looks different after every visit!

Our first project we have started is a comic book series that has been in production for almost two years now, as far as the writing process goes anyway.  This comic book is titled T.I.T.S. which is an acronym for the Transmigrant Interdimensional Taxicab Service.

Casey and I started writing this comic in 2013 and finally it is coming to fruition.  We have two very talented artists on our team: David Gunawan (illustrator) and Eve Amador "Youaki" (colorist).  The comic book is currently in production! Stay tuned for updates, series synopsis, teasers, character designs, and further cosmic updates!

I decided to ahead and open things up in a big way, so go to the following youtube link to see the talent behind this comic.  It is a fully completed page that was illustrated by artist David Gunawan and is in the process of coloring by Youaki! Skip forward a couple of minutes in the video to see her work.

-Until Next Time,

Colton Sorrels

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