Sunday, June 12, 2016

Is rock Dead? No, we still have Alcest

I have been sorely disappointed by the last couple of releases of some of my favorite rock bands.  Most of these guys are from the 90's and I think that most artists only have so many albums of material in them.  It actually feels like rock music might be dying.  But wait there is still one awesome band out there, and they're actually my favorite band right now! Alcest.

There's no other band on the planet like Alcest, and Niege is so young still, only a year younger than me.  I'm sure he'll top off the Shelter album with the new album that's coming out.  A lot of his fans have said that his music is the most emotional music they've heard in a long time.  Words and lyrics don't matter for the portion of us fans who don't speak French, it is just raw, pure emotion in his vocals.  Check out Shelter, and his prior albums, all near perfect albums in my opinion.

Now on to T.I.T.S.  Man we've had some great randoms from the web pledging, but still have a ways to go.  We are at 75% now with only 9 days to go, so it is crunch time!

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