Thursday, June 2, 2016

Numb to Comic Movies - Captain America: Civil War

First off I will say that the Captain America: Civil War movie, a.k.a. as Avengers 3 was better than Avengers 2, but with that being said I just feel numb to these movies anymore.  Sure the action was great, the plot wasn't bad at all either.  I'm known as being a harsh movie critic, but I'd give Captain America a  7/10 which is "GOOD."

From time to time you have to get out of the house and go do something.  And since there isn't much to do here, going to the movies or doing something out in nature is about all you can do.

If I had been a kid growing up and all these comic movies came out I would have been in heaven.  But there has been so many of them and Marvel especially has such a long plan in mind for building up to the Infinity Gauntlet, that I just don't care a lot about it.  I'll watch the movies, but I've become numb to these movies.  Special Effects are great and all, but I'm missing gut-wrenching, emotional ties to the characters.  I do feel that the Flash t.v. show has done a way better job in doing that.

Just my thoughts!

Here's the tight pencils for the cover of issue 1 of T.I.T.S.

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